Bringing the café to our residents.

At Regis Sandgate-Griffith Cottages, a new initiative has been introduced to create a café environment in the Home. ‘Café MMMT’, complete with lively chatter, creative signage, and delicious coffee and treats, has quickly become a favourite among residents.

The initiative began as a way for residents from the memory support unit, many of whom prefer to stay in rather than journey to the local coffee shop, to experience the simple joys of sitting in a café. In response, our team created a warm and inviting environment for residents and their families to catch up over a hot cup of coffee.

‘Café MMMT’ is a relaxed, safe, and social environment where our residents can spend time with their families and fellow residents or enjoy a quiet afternoon in their own company accompanied by a good book.

Feedback from residents has been ecstatic. When asked about the activity, resident Sandra said, “I really enjoyed it. It was a bit loud, but everyone was enjoying themselves a lot!”. Similarly, resident Nany said, “That was really nice. I liked the hot chocolate and the little cakes. It was such a fun room to be in with everyone laughing and talking.” Residents Ray and Robin also commented on how much they enjoyed the food, particularly the Italian chocolate sponge rolls.

Regis employee Michelle also chimed in, saying, “It was great to see so many residents enjoying a real café experience. We try to make it fun, so it’s great to see the residents come along and be able to relax, have a laugh and enjoy the food.”

Residents have also been quick to get involved and help where they can, which includes making their own coffee and assisting with table service. Additionally, residents Nany, Slawko, and Geoff often help move the tables back, fold the tablecloths, and put away the coffee mugs. This ensures residents feel a sense of belonging and allows them to continue doing the small but significant things they’ve done their entire lives. A simple coffee and chat with friends or family means the world.