“Amazing Bill” is a resident at Regis Musgrave with a passion for music.

His love for music started at a young age when he would watch his father play the tin whistle for his young family. Making true to the promise to follow in his father’s footsteps, Bill bought his own tin whistle as soon as he was old enough, and the pair performed Irish songs together.

Bill’s father was born in Ireland and worked on a windmill farm before arriving in Australia. Initially settling in Coorparoo, Brisbane, the family relocated to Spring Hill during World War II.

From the ripe old age of 9, Bill taught himself to play the button accordion and joined a choir. Bill says, “Once you’re in a choir, you’re in a choir for life.” Bill also sang in the choir throughout Brisbane, from the bayside suburbs of Manly/Wynnum to George Street in the Brisbane CBD.

Music has never strayed far from Bill’s family as his son, Peter, has also adopted his lifelong passion. Peter plays the Lion Steele guitar, the Hawaiian Steele guitar and the mouth organ. Speaking of his son, Bill says, “Anything musical, Peter gets into it.” Bill is currently hard at work on writing a songbook for Peter.

Bill plays his button accordion and mouth organ regularly at Regis Musgrave, which is wonderfully entertaining for other residents. His favourite songs are the 1950s hits “My Blue Heaven” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

Bill is a testament to the fact that anyone can continue to do what they love at the Home. As Bill says, “Music keeps me going and keeps me trim.”