Bernadette Pelgrave – Funding & Documentation Manager for the Northern Region:

“I love working with the people at Regis. There is always someone there who is there to support you.”

Bern is the Funding & Documentation Manager for the Northern Region. She began her career 30 years ago as the founder of a family day care provider. In the last 17 years, Bern has moved into working in Aged Care. She started working on key projects with payroll systems in Brisbane and later moved into senior management roles in Melbourne. Bern began her career with Regis as a Facility Manager in 2014 and since then, she has been taking up projects and leading teams the Regis Way.

Why did you join Regis?

After I left my previous job, I took some time off to travel the world and reflected on where I wanted to go in my career. The aged care sphere sparked my interest and was something I really wanted to pursue. Regis was the local provider in the community and I heard extremely positive stories about working there, so I applied for a position and secured a role as a Facility Manager at Regis The Gap.

What do you like about your role / your team / Regis?

No two days are the same. I also love to visit our homes and have personal interactions with our residents and staff. In addition, my team is a passionate group that helps support the operations teams at our homes. The challenges we face on a day to day basis is very different from the ones they face at our homes, but they take each day as it comes and address each challenge on its merit.

What are you most proud of accomplishing at Regis?

When I first started as a Facility Manager at The Gap we were due for accreditation and so I spent the first six weeks of my time with Regis on the floor learning the Regis Way, our business practices and processes. At that time, our team achieved three years’ accreditation for the home. This is a testament to the team who came along the journey we created together.

I have to say that my first ever National Awards nomination for Regis People Leading Regis People in 2015 would have to also be up there. To be nominated by your peers is a very special feeling and the emotion it still evokes remains a very fond memory.

I can’t forget the Esprit Café program which is now rolled our nationally throughout Regis. It is truly a point of difference for our residents, families and friends. To have been involved in developing the program from the very early stages makes me proud and for this program to be a nominee and winner in the 2017 National awards in a huge achievement for everyone involved.

What do you like about working with the elderly?

You know if you ask them something they will tell you exactly as they see it – open and honest.

What do your colleagues say about you?

“Bern is encouraging, a great role model, has a positive can-do-attitude, mentors well and has a very individual and unique leadership style”.

Who or what motivates you personally?

I love a good challenge and trying to sort through a solution because at the end of that, you will be contributing to a great result. If you take others on that journey and they learn or achieve, then that is a huge bonus.

What do you do your days off work?

My husband and I go on a footy grounds road trip every year. I was an avid Richmond Tigers supporter growing up in Melbourne, but since moving to Queensland I now have a strong affiliation with the Broncos and QLD Maroons.