Staffing Services

Staffing Services

Regis Staffing Services is a centralised team that manages all rosters for Regis facilities including the replacement of staff due to illness, annual or other forms of leave.

On behalf of each facility the team draws up fortnightly rosters in advance, ensuring staff availability matches the roster, as well as offering a one stop shop for all roster, leave and additional work request enquiries.

The Staffing Services team has the very latest in rostering technology at their finger tips, ensuring rosters are completed well in advance of operation as well as offering all staff online access to their rosters from either their facility or home computer.

Regis’ online self service provides you with more than just your fortnightly roster. Just log-in to:

  • Update your personal details
  • Manage work opportunities
  • View and request shifts online
  • Enter your availability
  • Check your timesheet

If you are ready and available to pick up additional shifts then update your availability online via

For more information on Regis Staffing Services call us on 1300 911 280 or email us at