Rameez Hassan, Clinical Support Team Manager and Nurse on Call Team Manager:

“Working with the elderly in Aged Care has really challenged me”

Regis Clinical Support Team Manager, Rameez Hassan, is a registered nurse with an extensive background in Aged Care. Before working at Regis, Rameez completed a Bachelors of Nursing, Graduate Certificate in Nursing and a Diploma of Management and Leadership.

When did you join Regis?

I joined Regis in February 2008

Why did you join?

As I was advancing my career in nursing and studying to be a Registered nurse, Regis attracted me due to being a large organisation and because of development opportunities that are offered to the staff.

What do you like about your role/ your team?

Aged Care is something I’m passionate about. In my current role, I feel that I can make a change or difference that results in optimum health outcomes for our residents. I also believe I can empower and motivate other nurses and clinical managers through their development which, ultimately, not only increases the staff capabilities, but also assists with positive outcomes for our residents. I enjoy working with my team as everyone in the team has different skills and experiences which assists in achieving goals and makes a successful team. I like working with Regis because of the support provided to the employees, in particularly focusing on staff development and career opportunities.

What do you like about working with the elderly?

Working with the elderly in Aged Care has really challenged me, not just to be a better nurse, but to be a better leader. I enjoy the outcomes by seeing a smile on a resident and where my actions have made a difference or change.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Being a young leader and with my current position, I thrive to empower and motivate nurses and managers to continue delivering high standard of care to our residents through best practice guidelines and innovation.