Employees at Regis Como recently fulfilled the wishes of a resident by creating a special day to remember.

After entering the palliative stages of life, Maree expressed that it would mean a lot to her to have one last date night with her husband Darryl. Without delay, the team went above and beyond to put everything in place for a romantic evening. Personalised invitations, menus and place cards, room decorations and identically dressed beds were organised by the Lifestyle and Housekeeping teams. A gourmet menu was tailored to the couple’s tastes with meals hand delivered to the room by the Home’s Chef. Photos were taken to capture the beautiful moments shared.

General Manager at Regis Como, Una Lyon emphasised the importance of providing residents with the personalised care they cherish and deserve.

“We want to know that we can do these things for them and we want to do these things for them. We are so passionate about delivering person-centred care and knowing it’s the ‘little things’ that make such a difference in people’s lives,” she says.

The following morning, Maree and Darryl voiced their appreciation for the date night, stating that it was ‘magical’. Una recalls that the team didn’t quite realise the significance of the event until the next day.

“We could visibly see how much joy this brought to Maree and her husband at such a difficult time in their lives and this brought many of our team members to tears. This experience has also been an opportunity for us to illustrate the true meaning of person-centred care to our students on placement, which is an incredibly valuable learning for them to have at the beginning of a career in aged care.”

Widely recognised as the basis for providing high-quality care, a person-centred approach is fundamental to our services at Regis. This recent initiative by the team at Regis Como demonstrates the importance of working in partnership with residents to provide an ideal healthcare experience by seeking to understand what’s important to each person.