Regis Rose Bay residents have been exploring culinary delights from around the world. Over a period of several weeks, the team celebrated different cultures which gave residents the opportunity to try traditional recipes from countries based on the demographic of residents and employees at the Home.

China, the Middle East, Africa and the USA were geographical areas on the world food tour. Dishes included dumplings, Arabian bread, biltong, and hot dogs, with each dish being a hit with our residents at Regis Rose Bay.

“I liked the way the event was organised and it was nice to meet some new people that I haven’t met before – we should do this more often,” says David.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the food and it was definitely something different,” shares Maria.

Regis Rose Bay physiotherapist, Rachel, expresses “I think activities like these helps spread cultural awareness amongst the residents.”

Our residents had a memorable time trying new foods and learning about different cultures and are looking forward to their next event.