“Without Regis I wouldn’t be in this house, I couldn’t cope.” said Brian “It’s just a phenomenal service. Home care is vitally important to my wellbeing.”

Regis’ Home Care assists the local communities providing essential in-home care options for older Australians. Brian Butt is one of Regis Home Care Mildura clients who needed a little extra help when leaving hospital last year.

Brian Home Care Mildura

Brian knows the importance of having someone around to give him a hand with basic tasks whether it’s dusting, moving furniture, or doing a bit of washing up. Having worked with Sue Regis’ Home Care Manager in Mildura, he’s able to get the essential in-home care to continue to live comfortably at home.

Mr Butt says, “The home care is vitally important to my wellbeing as I am unable to walk without my frame…Regis Home Care provides phenomenal services and the staff do amazing work.”

Most important to Brian though is being able to live with his much loved four legged companion Charlie who’s been a supportive buddy for some time. Brian comments, “I can’t describe the service I receive – I just know without the service I would not be in my home with my quadruped friend (dog Charlie).”

With a Home Care Manager available to discuss and implement a personalised care plan, Brian finds a flexible and evolving plan essential to getting the right support at the right time. Brian comments, “I have ongoing chats with Sue (Home Care Manager) about checking out what’s available and how my package can continue to evolve to meet my care needs.”

Regis knows a personalised in-home support program is essential to maintaining high quality of life. As such the in-home support services is structured to suit clients with varying care needs whether it’s privately funded packages, government-funded packages or additional services, care needs are tailored to the individual.

Visit Regis Home Care website to learn more about the in-home services offered in your area  or call 1300 188 740.