Andrew Stafford, the Clinical Care Manager at Regis Alawarra Lodge, has been an integral part of the team since July 2022. With International Nurses Day this week, we’re showcasing the incredible work the nurses in our community do for our residents.

Andrew was drawn to work within the aged care space because he has “always enjoyed learning about the aged care field,” he said.

Starting off as a carer before working his way up to his current role, Andrew loved developing his career in the aged care sector.

“It has enabled me to grow on a professional level and learn different aspects of the job,” Andrew said.

He finds great fulfilment in his work—seeing the care provided and the positive impact it has on those receiving the care, as well the appreciation from their family and loved ones.

On top of this, working in the aged care sector offers ongoing educational opportunities about changes and new discoveries in the field, allowing Andrew to develop his knowledge through continuous learning in his role.

Andrew is proud in his “ability to provide support and compassionate care, especially during challenging times,” he said.

“Being a nurse allows me to play a crucial role in making a positive difference in the lives of our residents every day.”