Sharing stories between young and old. Regis Tiwi residents were fortunate to participate in the first intergenerational program since the beginning of the COVID pandemic with a visit from children at the local Murraya Children Centre.

Fun and games were top of the agenda, with activities including singing, painting, reading, and general chatting. The focus is simply to spend time and engage with each other as residents and children bond and create treasured memories. Residents gain the vibrancy and vigour of the children, who, in turn, acquire the wisdom and knowledge of Regis Tiwi’s insightful residents.

Residents adore this program and relish spending time with the group of energetic youngsters. Resident Linda says, “I love seeing the happy faces of the little ones and listening to their funny conversations. It makes me feel happy too.” Additionally, a ninety-two-year-old resident, Lorna, eagerly awaits the children’s visits to gift them a crochet teddy bear that she’s been hard at work on.

Lifestyle Coordinator Bibsa Basnet says, “I am delighted to resume to intergenerational program in our Home and to provide this opportunity to our residents. There is always a lot of chatter and laughter between the children and residents.”

Intergenerational programs have been a fantastic way to support and motivate residents, who are always delighted to see little ones moving about the Home.