Introducing Franco, our newest resident at Regis Kuluin. He has been bringing joy to our residents with his impressive vocal skills and passion for entertainment. During a recent singalong event with our piano man, John, they discovered they were long lost friends who used to play in commercial jazz bands between 1985 to 2000 in Brisbane. Franco played the drums, and John played the piano.

Their reunion was a delightful surprise for everyone, and they hugged each other with excitement, reminiscing about their shared love for music. They plan to have a jam session with other old bandmates and we can’t wait to hear the result of their musical collaboration.

We are thrilled to have Franco and John as part of our community at Regis Kuluin, and we know they will continue to inspire and bring joy to our residents with their talent and passion for music.

We are proud to provide an environment that fosters meaningful connections and enriching experiences for our residents.