Introducing Shirley, a remarkable woman who lived in her home in Chelmer with her husband Arthur for an amazing 70 years. Shirley had a special bird mobile that she purchased while on her travels, and it became a cherished item that she hung above her desk. The mobile brought Shirley joy and brightened her day, reminding her of her passion for writing and the ‘Shirley Club’ she created with her pen pals.

In January 2022, Shirley moved to Regis Gatton in Queensland, and the team at Regis Gatton recognised the importance of bringing in cherished items to help Shirley feel more at home in her new environment. With the help of Shirley’s daughter, the Lifestyle team arranged for the bird mobile to be brought to Regis Gatton and hung in an alcove beside Shirley’s bedroom door.

The moment Shirley saw her bird mobile, she was overjoyed, and it brought back memories of her life with Arthur in Chelmer. This treasured item has now become a beautiful reminiscing topic that Shirley loves to share with everyone who visits her. Bringing in familiar and loved items is an important part of helping residents feel comfortable and settle into their new home, and the team at Regis Gatton understands this better than anyone.

We’re thrilled to see that Shirley is enjoying her time at Regis Gatton and has a constant reminder of her happy memories right by her bedroom door.