Eric Barnett has lived a life filled with passion, creativity, and adventure. From his childhood years in New South Wales to his current home at Regis Sandgate-Musgrave, he has lived a life that many would envy. Born with a talent for sprinting, Eric was always at the forefront of sports when he was younger. He went to primary school in Erina, New South Wales, and later completed year 12 at Newton High School in Sydney.

As a child, Eric was not only good at sports but also had a knack for music. He learned to play the guitar, piano, and ukulele. When he was 12, he started playing cricket, and he continued to play it throughout his teenage years. He was also introduced to AFL, and he played both sports until he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a drama director.

Eric’s teenage years were full of exploration and new experiences. He attended television school in New York, where he studied to become a screenwriter and theatre actor. He also served in the army for a couple of years. During his time in Minnesota, he got a three-year job as a screen director and was lucky enough to meet and interview Martin Luther King and Frank Sinatra. Eric also attended the Ginger Rodgers show “Hello Dolly” in New York, where he was given the opportunity to dance the “Biblical dance of the 7 veils” backstage with the legendary actress.

Eric had his first-born daughter in the USA because he wanted her to take advantage of having dual passports. In his 40s to 60s, Eric worked in Sydney, NSW, at Channel 10 as a screenplay director. He also worked as an English Professor at China University. After retiring from work, he pursued his passion for art and studied it. He painted oil paintings, watercolours, and charcoal sketches, and he also composed 25 songs during his lifetime. Eric published 21 books, one of which is a children’s book entitled “The Owl Who Wore Glasses.”

At 65 years of age, Eric’s passion for music continued. He sent his playlist to the Bundy Radio Station, and the most popular song they played was “The Last Letter,” a song he wrote about a soldier who died in the war. Eric now lives at Regis Sandgate-Musgrave, where he continues to create art in his room, mostly cartoon paintings and sketches. He attends musical events and cultural activities, and his family visits him often. He especially enjoyed the recent “Silver Memories Live Radio Broadcast” at the Home.

Regis Sandgate-Musgrave is home to many amazing people, and Eric is one of them. He has lived a life filled with adventure, creativity, and passion. His story is an inspiration to all who are searching for purpose and meaning in their lives. Eric’s life is proof that it’s never too late to pursue your passions and follow your dreams.