Stan Veloutsos, IT Service Desk Manager at Regis.

How did you start your career?

I started my career in I.T with my very first job aged 15 while studying at an IT organisation which provided IT services nationally. I remained a part of this company for 7 years. For the years following, I moved into various health care organisations prior to joining Regis.

Describe your role in one sentence?

Ensuring Regis as a whole is operating as efficiently and problem free as possible by supporting and providing solutions to the companies’ technology and staff.

What attracted you to work in aged care?

Coming from a very close family background, the thought of helping our elderly (even though indirectly) live the rest of their lives in happiness and comfort was enough to make me want to do something that will make a difference.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?

Knowing there are a lot of positive changes we can make that will benefit our staff and residents, whilst having a great team with the right attitude and dedication who share the same passion and goal.

What do you like about working at Regis?

With Regis being a leader in the Aged Care industry, having the opportunity to further the gap with new technological benefits and improvements. I also admire that as an I.T team, we are all ready to work together no matter the difficulty and time restraints until we achieve the outcome we need.

How do our residents benefit from your role?

Regis residents benefit in many ways, from ensuring there is minimal downtime to their resident technological services, and by ensuring the technology systems and devices our home staff use that help care for them are working as efficiently as possible.

How has your role adapted since the COVID-19 pandemic?

My role is always intensely busy, however due to the COVID situation, we have had to ramp up solutions to rollout portable devices, such as Laptops, to allow staff to continue to operate from home, and iPads and Surface Go’s for our home staff and residents, to provide services such as telehealth and virtual family visits.

Do you have any daily rituals you live by to maintain your mental and physical health?

I exercise physically and mentally every morning and reflect on being grateful for my health and having the ones I love still a part of my life, while also praying for those who are going through difficult stages in life and struggling on a daily basis, hoping that they are given strength and support.