Pam identified a personal goal she wanted to achieve in her weekly wellness check at Regis Ontario. The goal – to ride in her son’s limousine! With a little help from our General Manager, our Lifestyle team and her family, we were able to make this dream come true. With six ecstatic residents and two staff members, this was a day to remember for the whole gang. Champagne and karaoke made Pam’s goal that extra bit special!

Situated in the heart of Mildura, Regis Ontario enjoys enclosed leafy courtyard gardens and raised vegetable garden areas which ensure residents are always enticed outdoors in this renowned Mediterranean climate. Threaded through the courtyards are meandering walkways, as well as indoor activity rooms and comfortable lounges. With delicious grapevines and a raised herb garden for everyone to enjoy, Regis Ontario is a place you can truly call home.