Amy Stewart is one of Regis’ Home Support Workers in our newly launched service in Cairns (QLD). As someone who personally knows the importance of receiving in-home care for a loved one, Amy is now ready to give back.

“I was always very close to my grandparents, and when my grand-dad was diagnosed with Dementia my grandma became his main carer. I was around 15 years old at the time,” She said.

Amy remembers the strain it placed on her family until it was decided to get some help via community care. Home Support Workers came in weekly to provide assistance with home duties so her grandmother could take some time out for herself to rejuvenate.

Regis Home Support Worker

“I remember meeting the Home Care Workers and they were so lovely. My grandma always exhorted what a wonderful help they were to her life. Just to be able to have a few hours out by herself to recharge and know that my grandad was in great hands was of enormous assistance to my grandmother’s own health,” Amy recalls.

Although Amy’s grandparents have now passed on the opportunity to work in community and home care brings her a sense of joy and fulfilment knowing she can give back to community members who need that extra bit of assistance.

She says, “It makes me feel like I am giving back for the blessings given to me and my family during a hard time.”

Discover Regis Home Care services now offering in-home support to Cairns (QLD) and Eastern Metro Melbourne (VIC).