Nilani Govinna, Dementia Liaison at Regis Brighton has been part of our Regis family since 2013 and has worked across multiple roles, including a Personal Care Assistant, Lifestyle Assistant, and now Dementia Liaison.

Regis has supported Nilani through her aged care journey, helping her enroll in a Certificate IV in Dementia Practice, and a Certificate IV in Leisure and Lifestyle. Through her dedication and compassion, Nilani won two awards at the 2020 Regis National Care Awards for Outstanding Dementia Care, and the coveted CEO Award.

While working at Regis Brighton, Nilani is valued enormously by the residents, families, and colleagues at the Home. Her focus is to educate and bring together families of residents living with dementia which has created a strong community bond.

Families often share their gratitude for the genuine care Nilani provides. Nilani always demonstrates care and humour, and is committed to each and every resident she supports.

Nilani shared with us that she loves the “opportunity to try new ideas, build good relationships, and work honestly.” She actively supports her residents in their day-to-day activities and coordinates with other staff to organise events. Nilani shared that these are just some of the highlights about working with her team at Regis Brighton.

“I like their kind words of appreciation. It’s my pleasure to help and please them when they are finding it challenging to carry out a specific task,” Nilani said. She also explained that you need to be extremely patient and to actively listen to the residents when they are talking. From working with people living with dementia for over eight years, Nilani has outstanding clinical expertise and understands how best to care for those at Regis Brighton.

Exploring the beauty of nature and working on her garden at home are just some of hobbies Nilani enjoys outside of work. Home to her is a place to relax. A place to share. A place to treat everyone alike and to both give and receive love.