Aged Care Employee Day is a time to reflect on the remarkable efforts that aged care workers make daily. At Regis, we are fortunate to have a wide array of employees working across the business who ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents.

Shyanne Stone has been with Regis for seven years. She was initially employed as an Enrolled Nurse before moving onto other roles with the company, such as Office Manager, Admission Coordinator, and Assistant Manager. Shyanne is now Regis Kirwan’s General Manager.

Before entering the aged care industry, Shyanne worked as a Store Service Assistant and Retail Assistant Service Cashier at Woolworths. Her wealth of experience in a customer-focused retail role made her a perfect fit for aged care. Reflecting on the remarkable progress she has made in her career with Regis, Shyanne says, “When I commenced working with Regis at the age of 19, I did not expect my career to progress in this pathway.”

Shyanne says of the support Regis has offered her, “Regis has provided me with the skills, knowledge, and experience to see me successfully complete eight different roles within the aged care sector.” Shyanne’s working in aged care gives her “a sense of purpose as caring for the elderly is important work to ensure the older generation is well cared for”. Additionally, Shyanne’s role “offers new learning opportunities and experience which makes the job worthwhile”.

“Regis allows me to create a meaningful career in the aged care sector,” Shyanne says. “I love working with the Regis Kirwan team. Every day in aged care, we face challenges and real moments that matter. As a team, we overcome those challenges and consider ourselves very privileged to share those special moments with our residents and their loved ones.” Shyanne makes special note of Miranda Angell, Regional General Manager North QLD, and Keziah Balanzategui, Regis Kirwan Assistant Manager, as her two role models in the company.

Highlighting the range of benefits that her career has offered her, Shyanne mentions the consistency and stability of the sector, personal satisfaction, and how Regis feels like a home to her as important drawcards. Progressing with the same organisation has allowed Shyanne to gain vital expertise and develop knowledge of the company’s operations to support colleagues in a mentorship role.

Shyanne has been with Regis through times of change, from adapting to life throughout a pandemic to changes in legislation and procedure. Her dedication to our residents remains unwavering and is appreciated by the entire Regis community. We thank Shyanne, and all of our aged care workers, for their tremendous commitment to upholding the Regis values.