Meet Tai Barnes, General Manager Home Care in Darwin. Tai commenced with Regis in July 2023 bringing nine years of experience in the home care sector.

When asked what attracted her to work in home care, Tai said, “I love it. It gives me satisfaction when I help someone.”

Prior to working in home care, Tai worked in residential aged care for 13 years. However, it’s the opportunity to sit and get to know the clients that makes home care so rewarding for Tai.

“I love that the work is more one-on-one. Being able to spend focussed time to build up a great relationship with clients is fantastic.”

Tai believes being able to proactively identify and address the unique needs and preferences of each client is essential for all home care workers, including leaders.

Tai said, “I make sure to sit and talk with clients and pick up what they’re telling me. I am always trying to find other ways and means to help them with whatever it is they are after or trying to address.”

It takes a certain type of person to work in home care, one whose work is guided by personal values and principles.

“Being able to help people and having one-on-one time is the best way for clients to maintain their independence at home. It’s important to provide the best care possible and help them to achieve their goals step by step,” said Tai.

When it comes to what Tai looks forward to most about working for Regis in a leadership role, Tai said, “it’s the challenges along the way and the wider range of things to take into consideration. My job is extremely busy, but I always make sure I have one-on-one time with clients. I like to make the most of that opportunity.”

Outside of work, Tai takes the opportunity to go for long walks and listen to relaxing music.