Music to your Ears

It was a memorable day at Regis Sunraysia as our music therapist visited both our general area and our memory support wing to play a beautiful composition to our residents. Nothing beats music to your ears. Our residents love the beautiful melodies played on the harp and get excited each and every time our music therapist returns.

As well as being a pleasure to the ears, Music Therapy has myriad benefits. Even the most minimal movement, such as tapping a foot or clapping of hands, can have significant benefits for our residents. This ‘dancing’ can relieve any mental or physical stress and help lower blood pressure and stimulate vital organs. Our residents love moving to the rhythms and expressing themselves.Music that promotes a sense of beauty and well-being can help support someone who is feeling nervous or agitated. Just as a lullaby song can soothe a baby, gentle music can ease a nervous resident.