Inge Walters is a resident at Regis Inala Village, a retirement living village in Blackburn South, VIC. The spritely 89-year old resident moved into the Inala Village in 2008 and has been volunteering at their local supermarket in the retirement village for the last 15 years.

She was attracted to be a part of the Regis community as she was eager to help out, keep active and be involved in her community.

For Inge, keeping busy is a routine that she enjoys. On typical day, she is up early and starts volunteering at 8.00am at the supermarket, which is always busy throughout the day.

Inge enjoys being with her team in the supermarket as they work well together and they are also friends. When asked what was it that attracted her to volunteer at the supermarket and support the elderly, Inge replied, “I love to help the elderly and hope someone will do the same for me one day.”

“For those wanting to work as a volunteer in retirement living, one must enjoy the company of the elderly,” explained Inge.

Home to Inge is safety, security, warmth, and enjoying happy hours and morning teas. Inge also enjoys walking, knitting, watching movies and doing errands for her neighbours when she is not working at the supermarket.

On National Volunteer Week, Regis would like to thank Inge and all our volunteers for their contribution, commitment, and all they do for our community.