Winner: Sally Smith

Finalist: Sheree Sellick

Sally Smith is synonymous with safety. Her passion for the health and wellbeing of her team and residents is evident to even those who have only just met her. Sally is a passionate and determined people leader who continually works towards the Circle of Care vision of keeping those in her circle physically safe and psychologically well.

With the support of her team, Sally has achieved excellent WHS results in the past 12 months.

Extending beyond statistics, Sally’s passion for the health and safety of those around her is inspiring to witness. She always puts her hand up to volunteer to be part of focus groups and consistently nominates her homes to trial new WHS initiatives. Sally models safety leadership by constantly engaging with the WHS team and making time for safety in her meeting agendas. It’s no wonder that Regis Sippy Downs, one of Sally’s homes, was awarded the Best Circle of Care Committee Launch.

Above all, Sally is an excellent advocate for her team as she reliably ensures they are safe, enabling them to provide the highest level of care for residents.

Congratulations Sally! We cannot wait to see what the future at Regis holds for you!