Winner: Milan Bhattarai

Finalist: Bindhu Joseph-lype

Milan Bhattarai is a calming presence that makes him a fantastic carer. At Regis Ferny Grove, Milan is known as a gem who makes sure everyone is looked after. With his peaceful but professional nature, Milan prioritises the wellbeing of those in his care, making sure all requirements are met and families are regularly provided with updates on their loved ones.

Families adore and appreciate Milan’s efforts and the dedication he shows to residents. His attention to detail of small nuances in residents’ health has resulted in the early detection of serious illnesses, resulting in the appropriate treatment being provided. This has given families peace of mind that Milan is always looking out for those in his care, and he treats all with compassionate care and dignity.

Milan handles difficult issues with the utmost sensitivity, delivering clear and direct communication that calms families and is mightily appreciated. The level of care he shows to families is of the same brilliant standard that he shows to residents. Milan is a role model to his colleagues at Regis Ferny Grove who are lucky to have him on the team.

Milan is reliable, comforting and a fantastic representative of Regis’ values.