Winner: Sandgate Musgrave Lifestyle Team

Finalist: Dee Border

At Regis Sandgate Musgrave, the cinema comes to the residents. With ‘The Mobile Multimedia Sensory Experience’ the Musgrave Lifestyle team created an initiative that ensures residents can watch a film in their own comfort, either in their rooms or together with family in the lounge.

The initiative recognised the need for residents to be able to go to the cinema but were not able to due to various clinical or mental health reasons. The portable service can be set up anywhere within the Home for residents to select their choice of film to be projected on the pull-down screen. The initiative directly supports resident choice and independence, bringing the big screen experience to the Home.

The initiative directly benefits residents through Movie Therapy, which is a powerful catalyst for healing and growth. This is achieved though the film’s imagery, and how plot and music stimulate the senses to create powerful emotional releases and positive mood changes.

Whether it’s a solo afternoon screening of ‘Citizen Kane’ or a group viewing of ‘Crocodile Dundee’, the snacks, drinks and surround sound complete a fantastic initiative that benefits residents and their families.

Congratulations to the Regis Sandgate Musgrave Lifestyle Team!