Winner: Deirdre Abbruzzese

Finalist: Juliet Wood

Deirdre Abbruzzese began her time at Regis as a Personal Care Assistant before her current role as Admissions Coordinator at Regis Blackburn. The level of care she shows has not wavered in her new role but has strengthened as she continues to prioritise the needs of residents and her team. Deirdre supports those around her whenever she can, never thinking twice about helping anyone that needs it.

Feedback from resident family members about Deirdre are overwhelmingly positive, with one family sharing a heartful story of their experience. One family member says, “When I was scouting various aged care homes, Deirdre stood head and shoulders above all other employees I met at other homes. Deirdre is informative, helpful, understanding and friendly, creating a sense of comfort. Deirdre knows everything a family needs to understand before making a life-changing and difficult decision. One of the most remarkable aspects of Deirdre is that she knows each resident well. Without Deirdre, I might not have chosen Regis Blackburn for Dad at the time, and subsequently my Mum who now lives there too.”

Going above and beyond, displaying boundless passion and making others feel at ease. Deirdre is the Regis Way through and through.

Congratulations to Dierdre Abbruzzese for winning the Operational Excellence award.