Winner: Carmel Lynch

Winner: Rosa Vocale

Carmel Lynch is regarded as a wonderful human being by all at Regis Macleod, where she currently resides. Despite being a resident, Carmel goes above and beyond to spread cheer, offer support and provide valuable care to others in the Home.

Visitors to Regis Macleod may spot Carmel doing one of the many things to try and help where she can. These include mending items for residents and employees, knitting cardigans, and looking after the planter boxes at the front entry to the Home. Carmel doesn’t just take the burden off others, but also helps them to pick up new skills, having taught residents and employees to knit, as well as assisting newer employees with their English.

If music offers an outlet to heal and spread joy, then Carmel acts as its valuable emissary. Playing favourites on the piano for residents during happy hour or strumming the guitar at the local library for babies and toddlers, Carmel has her audience smiling ear to ear and toe tapping long after she’s packed up her equipment. Her vitality is infectious to people of any age.

With humour, patience, and delicate care, Carmel exudes the Regis values in every way. The Regis Macleod community are lucky to have her.

Regis Macleod is proud to have you as part of their community, Carmel!