New Year, New Menu

At Regis, we understand how important nutritious and wholesome food is – that’s why we have qualified chefs, cooks and catering teams in all of our homes who cook on-site from scratch to deliver quality meals to each and every one of our residents.

We’re excited to have launched our new Summer Menu for both Classic and Club Homes. Included in the menus are beautiful dishes, such as crispy pork belly with apple sauce, roast turkey with cranberry sauce, Malaysia chicken, leek and parmesan tart, pineapple and ginger compote, and a panna cotta with raspberry chutney.

Food Aged Care

Our teams carefully select seasonal, well-sourced produce when designing our menus and are based on resident feedback. All our recipes are rigorously tested by our chefs and residents before we introduce any new dishes. We understand that variety and choice are important and that’s why we review and monitor resident feedback so that we can offer bespoke menus designed around what our residents enjoy.

As part of our continuous improvement process, we seek feedback regularly through focus groups, cooking demonstrations, and monthly feedback sessions in our Resident/Relative meetings.
We want our residents to connect with each other and create new memories with each other during meal times. Food can act as a catalyst in improving the lives of older adults and we’re always looking at innovative solutions to cater to their needs. At Regis, food is life.