Regis Nedlands recently ventured out to enjoy the sunrays and sea breeze, but this was no ordinary day at the beach. This bus trip down to Leighton Beach was particularly special for our resident Lesley Brunini. Lesley used to live in the town of Broome filled with some of the most beautiful beaches and is now always eager to get down to the beach whenever she can. However due to her mobility, she hadn’t been able to get close to the shore, until the team discovered the Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair program.

Megan-Jane, one of our Lifestyle Assistants at Regis Nedlands, found a fascinating article entitled “Salty dive a wheel winner.” This led her to the Sandcruiser Beach Wheelchair program, which has an all-terrain wheelchair for hire. Lesley didn’t know why this trip to the beach would be so special since she’d “been there a hundred times,” but thanks to this discovery, Lesley was able to get right out to the shore at Leighton Beach. She blissfully enjoyed the sound of the waves and soaked up every moment. All the residents had a blast that day since they were able to dip into the clear blue water.