Congratulations to Evan and Mary Edwards from Regis Birkdale! Our Home was lucky enough to join in on the celebration of their 68th wedding anniversary earlier this month. 

The inspiring couple’s love story began in 1954 when they met at Wynnum Church. Little did they know that they’d tie the knot just two years later in the very same spot. 

Mary and Evan’s love for each other has only grown stronger with time and their secret to a long-lasting marriage is simple: listen to each other and be careful with your words. 

Being at Regis Birkdale together has helped them in their transition into aged care. 

“We both love going to concerts and happy hour. The performers are great and we enjoy our little wheelchair dance together. Being together has helped us emotionally and made our transition to aged care a positive experience. The employees here are so caring and they’ve helped us to better manage our health. We couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. We have been together for 68 years,” says Evan. 

Mary and Evan have four daughters and 16 grandchildren and are looking forward to many more years together. Their love story is a true inspiration and it reminds us all that love, patience and understanding are the keys to a happy and long-lasting marriage. 

Mary and Evan Regis Birkdale Mary and Evan Regis Birkdale