Yesterday we brought together 300 residents from 17 different Regis Homes across the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast area for its inaugural Inter-Home Community Event at the historic Breakfast Creek Hotel.

The initiative has been running across Australia since mid-2023 and was designed to support residents and clients to continue to live interesting, connected and fulfilled lives where they can continue to gain new experiences and engage with each other.

Residents were excited to forge new and meaningful connections with other residents, share stories and build memories. The event featured an array of activities designed to make for a memorable day, including live music, trivia and a history lesson of the Hotel.

Current Regis Gatton resident, Collette Curyer said she thoroughly enjoys Regis’ social activities, seeing them as a great opportunity to build great relationships with residents and employees.

“We regularly enjoy varied social activities at our Home, but participating in such a grand gathering with peers from other Regis Homes truly raises our community spirit,” Collette said.

“This is a tremendous project that allows us to get away from our Home and experience something different, but more importantly we get the opportunity to engage and connect with friends – both new and old.”

Gregg Funston, Executive General Manager, Northern Region said the Inter-Home Community Events have been well received by Regis residents in other States across Australia and it was exciting that Queensland residents will now also receive the experience.

“The Breakfast Creek Hotel event is one of many Inter-Home Community Events held in Queensland this year—we’re confident they will help enrich the lives of our residents by fostering a sense of community,” Mr Funston said.

“Outings like this are so important for our residents—it allows them to engage with the community and with each other, providing a sense of connection and a space to share precious memories.

“This event is a prime example of how we honour our residents’ choices and enhance their social interactions. It’s a delight to see the joy and excitement these types of gatherings bring to our residents, their families and our community.”

Breaky creek hotel - QLD inter-home community event Breaky creek hotel - QLD inter-home community event Breaky creek hotel - QLD inter-home community event