Step right up, folks! The carnival recently set up tent at Regis Hurstville to spread fun and laughter throughout the Home. Our residents had their tickets ready for the day of star attractions, including circus animals, blow-up balloons, fairy floss, popcorn, and dagwood dogs. To quench our residents’ thirst on the beautifully sunny day were ice-cold drinks and choc top ice creams, which were a real treat. All our employees and residents took part in the fun by dressing up and keeping each other entertained through dancing, juggling, singing and bubbles!

It was also a day of laughter, with many jokes shared amongst the residents. Our favourite of the day? – “Why do bears have hairy coats? Fur protection!”

Our Lifestyle team continues to ensure that each day is fun and exciting, with varied recreational activities that leave our residents smiling and full of joy. Although the carnival had to set off to its next destination, our residents already have their face paint and outfits ready for its return!

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