The Year of the Rabbit for the Lunar New Year symbolises longevity, peace and prosperity, as well as mercy, elegance, and beauty. The rabbit is fourth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs and is seen as the luckiest year to be born in; people born in the Year of the Rabbit are believed to be witty, vigilant, and creative. This Chinese New Year in 2023 warmly welcomed the Year of the Rabbit on 22nd January, clearing out the old year and embracing the luck and prosperity of the new one with celebrations, fireworks, lots of food and a sea of red. The Regis community commemorated the Lunar New Year with special celebrations and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit with a feast, the residents of Regis Inala Lodge in Blackburn, Melbourne, welcomed the Chinese New Year with a traditional lunch that filled the air with the mouth-watering aromas of dumplings, noodles, and a diverse array of meat and vegetable dishes. As Regis Inala Lodge hosts a thriving Chinese community, the festivities at the Home were a testament to the rich cultural heritage and traditions of its residents.

After lunch, the Lifestyle Team arranged an arts and crafts activity centered around the Lunar New Year. The residents made their very own cards for the New Year to give to loved ones, and also enjoyed some adult colouring to end their afternoon. This cultural activity brought a lot of joy to the residents and allowed them to stop and reflect on the year that had passed, and also have a moment of gratitude for their loved ones.

A popular aged care residence in New South Wales, Regis Hurstville, also celebrated the special occasion with a Yum Cha banquet. The Lifestyle Team planned everything, arranging the food and decorating the space in traditional red. Steamed buns and dumplings were purchased from a local market, which was served alongside a chow mein the Home’s chef cooked up. The meal was accompanied with Chinese classical music and some dancing, igniting the Home with culture and atmosphere. The residents also each received a fortune cookie, sparking conversations about what they can expect from the Year of the Rabbit. This event was a huge success and even encouraged non-Chinese residents to learn more about Chinese history and culture from Chinese residents who were thrilled to share their knowledge and experiences.

Regis wishes everyone a prosperous Year of the Rabbit, full of joy and good fortune!

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