In February, Regis celebrated Carnival Day across all aged care residences. The events were a huge success and brought joy and excitement to the residents, employees, and the wider community. Two of the residences in South Australia, Regis Kingswood and Regis Marleston, hosted unique and memorable events that showcased the best of the community spirit. 

At Regis Kingswood, Carnival Day featured a visit from an animal farm where residents could interact with different animals, including lambs, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and a cow. Thanks to the warmer weather, the petting zoo was set up in the lounge area, making it accessible for all residents. 

Those who were unable to attend the event got a special room visit from the Lifestyle team and the animal handler, who brought a goat, a farm dog, and a rabbit for visits. The drop-ins brought the same level of excitement to the residents as the event itself, and the animals provided a unique source of comfort and joy. 

At Regis Marleston, the residents planned their Carnival Day by recycling boxes and turning them into games, and they had an absolute ball with the beautiful animals from Farmer Darcy’s Travelling Farm and their own side show alley. The carnival games brought back childhood memories for many of the residents, and the animals provided the perfect touch to the event. For those residents who didn’t want to come out to the event, the team had a very special room visit planned with Liam, the baby goat. 

Darcy from Farmer Darcy’s Travelling Farm shared she “absolutely adored visiting Regis Marleston — the benefits of animal therapy glow off the residents; it lights up their day as they smile and snuggle into the cute animals, as well as allowing residents to reminisce and tell stories about their farms and pets they have had during their lifetime. The animals really bring them out of their shell and it makes a huge difference. For those who don’t want to come and see them, we love taking the time to do personal room visits to ensure no one misses out.” 

Carnival Day at Regis Kingswood and Regis Marleston highlighted the importance of community engagement and the power of simple pleasures in promoting wellbeing among the elderly. It also demonstrated Regis’ commitment to providing a stimulating and enjoyable living experience for their residents. 

Carnival Day was a fantastic way for the homes to come together and celebrate the spirit of community. It was an opportunity to showcase the creativity, enthusiasm, and compassion that are at the heart of Regis Aged Care’s philosophy of care. The event was a great success, and the team and residents are already looking forward to the next one. 

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