Meet Milly, the fortnightly visitor at Regis Nedlands. Since September 2021, Milly has been a regular visitor bringing cuteness overload and bundles of joy to our residents. Milly is almost 5 years old and as most residents always ask, her breed is Cavoodle. Milly’s owner, Sue, volunteers with Delta Therapy Dogs, which brought her and Milly to Regis Nedlands. Sue is retired now and heard about this program through a friend and thought it’d be a wonderful way for her to “help in the community.”  

Delta Therapy Dogs is a national not-for-profit organisation that believes the human-animal bond improves quality of life and aims to help animals bring joy to people. The Delta Therapy Dogs Program partners participating members with an incredible group of volunteers and their beloved pets who are willing to give their time and commitment.  

Milly is a “sweet natured, cuddly, and gentle girl” who is always very patient and forgiving. She is devoted to Sue, always following her around and giving her cuddles, which she undeniably loves. All the residents absolutely adore her and eagerly anticipate her next visit; “she is the perfect therapy dog,” said Sue. The residents always compliment Milly saying, “she is so gorgeous” and ask, “can we see her again next week?” 

Pet Therapy, also known as Assisted Animal Therapy, is becoming increasingly used throughout aged care. The benefits of therapy animals are scientifically proven. Pets not only offer companionship and unconditional love, but also have the ability to boost health and general wellbeing, especially in older people. There are many benefits to spending time with animals, including decreasing stress levels, easing social discomfort, and increasing happiness. Regis has included Pet Therapy into the Lifestyle Calendar across many Homes and has already seen these benefits among residents.