Meighan Walker, a dedicated member of the Regis team, stands out as a compassionate and experienced professional in the field of aged care. With a career spanning more than a decade, Meighan’s commitment to improving the lives of residents, particularly those living with dementia, serves as an inspiration to her colleagues and a symbol of encouragement for older people.

Meighan embarked on her journey at Regis as a Funding and Documentation Specialist, a role she undertook for nearly two years. However, her passion for providing holistic care to older people led her to transition into the role of a Clinical Care Specialist within the Clinical Care and Practice team, where she has been making a significant impact for the past year.

Meighan’s calling to the aged care sector came from personal experience. Her close relationship with her Great Grandma, whom she fondly recalls spending school holidays with, left an indelible mark on her. Although her Great Grandma passed away when she was 15, the love and profound impact of that relationship inspired Meighan to dedicate her life to caring for older people. With 12 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in aged care, she brings a wealth of expertise and empathy to her role.

Meighan’s approach to dementia care is characterised by empathy, active listening and keen observation. She believes that purpose can be found in every individual, regardless of their cognitive abilities. Her key strategy for creating opportunities for people living with dementia to stay connected and engaged in their communities is to let the residents themselves guide her. She emphasises the importance of understanding their unique needs and desires, no matter how small, to help create a sense of purpose.

Meighan is dedicated to making environments dementia-friendly by focusing on adaptability and personalisation. She recognises that individuals’ needs change over time and having appropriate resources on hand to adjust to these changes is vital. Meighan incorporates age-appropriate elements, such as residents’ personal photos and familiar items, to create a comforting atmosphere that can trigger positive memories.

Meighan’s dedication extends beyond her daily duties. She is an active member of the Dementia Advisory Committee at Regis, working on a design project aimed at improving dementia care processes across all Regis communities. Her efforts reflect her commitment to enhancing the quality of life for residents with dementia and those with varying cognitive abilities.

Meighan’s role is diverse, reflecting the ever-changing needs of the elderly residents she cares for. She travels between different Homes, collaborating with clinical teams, providing guidance, education, conducting audits and mentoring employees. She also ensures she spends time engaging with residents, forming special connections that she cherishes.

Meighan thrives in her role as a guiding and reassuring presence within Regis Homes. She takes pride in the positive impact her guidance and education have on her colleagues and the Home. Witnessing the transformation of the Home’s care and support for residents and their families is a source of immense satisfaction for her.

For Meighan, there’s an undeniable joy in being a part of the lives of elderly individuals during this important phase of their journey. She’s determined to dispel the misconception that aged care is solely associated with sadness. Instead, she sees it as an opportunity to bring joy, contentment and a sense of purpose to the residents, making every day as important as the last.

Meighan’s advice to those considering a career in aged care is to embrace the diversity of each day. She emphasises that this field offers a unique opportunity to make a holistic impact on a person’s wellbeing. Despite the challenges and occasional sad days, Meighan encourages passionate and dedicated individuals to pursue a career in aged care, reminding them that their commitment can profoundly change a resident’s life for the better.

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