“Home means familiar, it’s a place to be yourself.” These are the words from Draza and Tahu from Regis Greenbank in Queensland. They acknowledge the importance of keeping active and carrying out home tasks they would normally be performing in their own homes and countries. Gardening for them provides them with the perfect opportunity to stay active whilst doing tasks to help and benefit others. 

Both Draza and Tahu are garden enthusiasts and love nothing better than tending to their fruits and vegetables in the gardens of Greenbank. Draza is originally from Serbia where he shared with us that they tend to use a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in their cooking; his passion is looking after his cherry tomatoes and adding them to pasta and salads.  

“Nothing‘s better than a fresh tomato” said Draza 

Tahu, originally from New Zealand, told us that he loves a good beef stew and “enjoys fruits and vegetables that will satisfy his tummy.” His focus right now is ensuring his lettuce heads are looking luscious and green. 

The gardening duo are planning on planting selection of carrots and beans for their next venture which the whole home is now looking forward to.