There will be a new and very welcome dimension to the Christmas cheer at Regis Nedlands aged care home this month, when a sack of handwritten and personalised Christmas cards is delivered to residents from the Year Six children at St Stephen’s school in Duncraig and Year Four students from Majella Primary school in Balga.

The Christmas cards will be delivered to residents by the children next week, many of whom are well into their 80s and 90s and have even passed their centenary.

One of the children involved in the project, 12-year-old Summer McGregor, says she loved making the home-made cards and writing personalised notes to the elderly residents.

“We know that helping to bring happiness to others, especially older people, is what Christmas is all about,” says Summer.

“All of my friends have been so happy to have the chance to write the Christmas cards to the residents at the home, we just hope they have big smiles on their faces when they receive them.”

Regis Nedlands General Manager, Sam Waldron, said the residents were going to be overjoyed with the handwritten Christmas cards.

“Some of our seniors may not have the opportunity to spend the festive season with family or friends, so we’re really grateful to the children at St Stephen’s School, as well as the company which has coordinated this initiative, for taking the time to bring our residents some added festive cheer,” says Mr Waldron.

“This is such a kind thing to do, and I know our seniors are going to be delighted to receive the handwritten Christmas cards which will be addressed to them personally.

“This initiative shows such thoughtfulness at this time; this lovely gesture will most certainly add to the Christmas experience of our seniors at Regis Nedlands.

Summer, and several of the children involved, are planning to deliver the Christmas cards to staff at Regis Nedlands next week, who will then ensure they are safely delivered to residents.