The very latest visitor to be welcomed by seniors and the team at Regis Greenmount has four legs and a tail that wags enthusiastically.

Four-year-old Ruby, the mini ‘Groodle’ – a golden retriever crossed with a poodle – visits the aged care home every Monday alongside her owner, Regis Greenmount’s Lifestyle Assistant Laura Swainson, with the pair now having become a huge hit amongst residents.

“Just as I have been getting to know the residents, so has Ruby,” explains Laura, a self-confessed dog lover who has been working for Regis Greenmount for nearly six months.

“I’d say that most of the seniors have already fallen in love with her and she is certainly offering wonderful companionship to residents, the majority of whom have owned and loved dogs in their younger years.”

Richard Horne, Regis Greenmount General Manager, says having pets around is all part of a natural living environment and having Ruby visit makes for a very homely atmosphere.

“Ruby is a huge hit and her presence really helps to relax many of our residents and offers them the opportunity to reminisce about the pets they have owned when they were younger.

“We know through various studies that animals improve the wellbeing of people generally, and the level of happiness that Ruby brings as she wags her tail and goes from person to person for a pat at our home is obvious, and also lovely to see.”