Having a creative outlet to express one’s emotions is a valuable way of maintaining good mental health. Art therapy has become increasingly popular within aged care to provide residents with a method to share how they are feeling in a safe and welcoming environment. Regis Frankston has incorporated art therapy regularly into its lifestyle program over the past year and has witnessed the incredible benefits it has for our residents.

Alongside the Lifestyle team’s craft group, Sandy, a certified art therapist who is a familiar face at the Home as its counsellor, has been running art therapy sessions since the beginning of the year. Since then, there has been constant attendance for all art and crafts activities which are immensely popular creative groups within the Home.

By creating a warm, quiet and inviting environment, each session with Sandy has led to an outpouring of emotions, reminiscing and life stories being shared. Residents have told how art therapy takes their mind to a different place where conversations and laughter are in abundance.

“Each project reminds me that I can continue to express my thoughts and imagination and I am still able to accomplish projects,” Joy said. “This makes me feel proud!”

“I love sitting with a group of people chatting and sharing my life experiences while working on some art. The day goes so fast,” Marjorie said.

“Our arts and crafts groups support each other. There is a lot of laughing, singing and cheer for each other,” Joan said.

There are numerous benefits that result from art therapy programs. There are meaningful friendships formed that may not have without the common ground in creativity and shared life experiences.

Regis Frankston is proud to nurture creativity and share personal experiences within its community.

Art therapy is a valuable way for residents to feel comfortable expressing their emotions through a creative avenue. It is another outlet that allows residents to show how they feel without necessarily using words, as it is a safe and welcoming environment. It is also a rewarding activity, allowing a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work; it’s a safe space to try something new. Art therapy has been introduced in the lifestyle calendar across many Homes and has already seen positive effects among our residents.