Spring is amongst us and what is a better way to celebrate the season than having a floral arranging competition?  Regis Playford hosted a challenge last year for the “Regis Playford Royal Show,” which has now continued to be a monthly ongoing activity for the Home.

Due to the immense popularity amongst residents for all thing flowers, gardening, and arts and crafts, this activity completely took off and there are no plans on going back. Residents enjoy using their hands to create something beautiful that they are proud of, and equally love seeing their creations on display throughout the Home afterwards. However, floral arranging is not the only thing they enjoy about this activity; everybody loves some healthy competition.

Now, the first Tuesday of every month is known to all the Playford residents as the day dedicated to a friendly contest. The most recent event saw some exceptional arrangements with some residents deciding to try something new and get involved in the fun for the first time.

Lifestyle Coordinator, Bronwyn Waters, shares “this is such a rewarding activity for our residents because it is something many have experienced throughout their years.”

The fun, social and hands-on activity has become a huge highlight for everyone’s month!