Regis is proud to announce its success at this year’s Future of Ageing Awards. Regis has received two prestigious awards, demonstrating our commitment to providing innovative ways to enhance the lives of older people.

Regis Port Stephens was honoured with the Supporting Independence Award for its Creative Independence program. This resident-driven initiative was designed to empower aged care residents to maintain their independence and self-worth.

Port Stephens General Manager Jill de la Lande said all people need a sense of purpose and being valued for it and those needs don’t go with age.

“In fact, it’s more important than ever,” Jill said. “I have absolutely loved to see our amazing residents become independent in their chosen passions. It’s a privilege to be part of it along with our amazing team at Regis Port Stephens.

The program, which emphasises creativity and social connection, has had impressive results and has now been extended to other Regis locations.

In collaboration with the Department of Nursing at the University of Melbourne, Regis received the Research Award for The Remote Repair Project. This initiative aimed to enhance pressure injury (PI) care for aged care residents using innovative solutions.

Regis’ National Manager Wound Prevention and Management, Dr Suzanne Kapp, said it’s a testament to the power of collaboration between Regis and the University.

“Being able to bring the different skills and resources together enables us to implement these initiatives that are ultimately going to improve the care and quality of life of our residents and clients,” Dr Kapp said.

The project’s success not only benefits Regis but also has the potential to transform PI care across the aged care community. It serves as a model for others to follow, emphasising the importance of technology and innovation in delivering care to older people.

Regis continues to lead the way in aged care, continually seeking innovative ways to support independence and enhance wellbeing. These awards reaffirm Regis’ dedication to the happiness, health and quality of life of our residents and clients.

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