“Wow, I’ve never been this close to a Harley, it’s like a dream come true”, Slawko (resident)

On Sunday 5 December, Regis Sandgate Griffith resident, Slawko smiled from ear to ear as he admired the Harley Davidson motorcycle displayed proudly in Griffith car park. Organised by the team at Regis Griffith, residents and families from Sandgate Musgrave, Lucinda and Griffith were invited to spend a day with 20 members from three Harley Davidson motorcycle clubs: Red, White and Blue North Brisbane Harley Davidson Social Club; United Social Club; and Sisters on Steel Social Club.

Residents, families and club members shared stories from the past, laughter from the belly and food prepared with love. The motorcyclists spoke passionately about the work they do with their clubs and even lent a helping hand with the barbeque. Residents were inspired to reminisce as they walked alongside the array of powerful motorbikes and shared stories of their adventures.

The day brought back fond memories for family member, Teresa who said, “Dads eldest grandson has a Harley and dad and him both LOVE Harley’s. It’s so nice to see they have something in common between the generations.” Family member, Cathy also added, “Nice! this would have bought back a few stories from years gone by”.

As a result of his immobility, Lucinda resident Derick wasn’t able to attend the event. So, in true Regis spirit, and with the generosity of the ‘Sisters on Steel’ riders, the event came to him! With engines revving, the motorcyclists rode to the Lucinda Home where they spent time with Derick. They played him a video of the day and gifted him with an ever-lasting memory.

“This is just marvellous, seeing all these peoples with smiles on their faces”, Joan (resident)

The event was organised by Clinical Manager, Isobel from Regis Sandgate Griffith and reflects the creative and diverse ways in which Regis engages and entertains our residents.

Everyone who attended felt energised and happy. Family member, Bronwyn commented, “This event is great and it looks like dad loved it.”

With warmth and conviction, resident Trevor voiced his reflection of the day, “It is with the greatest of thanks to the motorbike club that visited us in the Griffith car park and a big thank you to the team who organised the event and BBQ”.

‘Red, White and Blue’ club president, Quentin farewelled the day by saying, “It has been a real honour for us to showcase our bikes and talk with your residents, and be able to bring so many riders together for such a great cause. Thank you for having us”.

‘Sisters on Steel’ club member Leanne added, “It was our pleasure to be able to attend today, we enjoyed the day and thank you for the invitation”.

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