Regis Hurstville in New South Wales has brought a new meaning of ‘self-sustenance’ to our residents.

Recently, our Lifestyle team initiated an interesting activity to engage our green-fingered residents. Instead of ice cream lollies, our team loaded up a trolley with potting mix, scoops, cups and seeds, and ventured room to room with the hope of attracting residents to start planting their own seeds in their rooms. The residents were eager to get involved!

As the seeds emerged from the soil, the seedlings were transferred into the garden beds of the Home. To the residents’ delight, the mandarin tree has grown well and the herb garden is growing like wildfire. Not only has the Homes’ Chef been using the herbs in the kitchen, but they’ve also been making small bundles and selling them at the reception – true entrepreneurs.

The corn and carrots were the most successful plants and just before Christmas, our residents harvested a fabulous crop of corn. It was deliciously enjoyed by the residents, served with butter and salt.

Sui (pictured with her corn) and Adelia were two residents who were overwhelmed with joy from this gardening initiative. Sui loves vegetables, especially corn and she really enjoyed the independence of gardening and eating all of the produce she has helped grow.

“Adelia and I enjoy sitting near the herb garden. We love the smell and taste of the herbs. We will also add an assortment of mint leaves to our juice or iced water. It’s delicious and perfectly refreshing on a hot summer day.”

“This is a really rewarding project, for residents and employees involved. It provides one-to-one emotional support and the activity was so meaningful,” said Samantha Cooper, a member of the Lifestyle team at Regis Hurstville.

When asked what the residents enjoyed most about this project, “Eating something fresh from the garden, but I say they all enjoyed watching their plants grow,” added Samantha.

The residents are excited about the next phase as they are currently clearing the garden and will be growing potatoes, assorted melons, and more variety of herbs.