This International Nurses Day (IND), we are proud to highlight all the wonderful nurses that are integral to the Regis community. To celebrate this year’s theme of “A Voice to Lead”, we’ve asked some of our nurses to share the voices that have been integral to their lives and careers.

Jasleen Kaur is a Clinical Care Specialist at Regis Head Office in Victoria. As a young girl, Jasleen had the voices of her grandparents as inspiration to pursue nursing. “I was very close to my grandparents. When they grew older and needed care in the hospital, I felt that the nurses were the ones who got the closest opportunity to care for them. When my grandmother was in hospital in her final days, she could identify nurses and had a smile on her face as soon as she saw one of them approaching her. I wanted to give that smile to someone else.” With the experience of caring for her grandparents, Jasleen continues to provide an outstanding level of support to all our residents.

When speaking of the voices that support her each day, Jasleen highlights the supportive environment at Regis, even during some tough times. “I am thankful for the team, my manager, and my superiors. They keep me going each day. Even in the most difficult times, like COVID-19 outbreaks, we always found time to check on each other. This makes me want to come to work every day with the same enthusiasm as when I joined Regis.”

We can attest to Jasleen supporting many voices at Regis each day, including our residents, families, and fellow team members. Jasleen says, “I am very hands-on with my profile. Dementia support and behaviour management are my areas of interest. My work allows me to support people who can benefit from my review and care. The residents and the relationship we develop with them over time support me in becoming a better clinician each day.”

Amongst the many reasons why Jasleen is proud to be a nurse, one is the ability to make a difference in people’s lives. “Holding someone’s hand who is hurting. Sitting down and talking to them if they are alone. Supporting them in making decisions that they want to take. These things and many more make me proud of my profession as a nurse.”

The simple things are the most rewarding to Jasleen when it comes to appreciating her role. “A simple “thank you” from a resident, employee, or family member makes it all worth it.”
We thank Jasleen and all the nurses at Regis for the incredible support they provide to our residents and their families every day.