Meet Katrina Crump, one of our highly-skilled Clinical Care Specialists working across our seven NSW Homes. With it being International Nurses Day and Katrina’s one-year work anniversary, we wanted to shine a spotlight on the incredible work she does and how she got there.

What do ER, All Saints and Grey’s Anatomy all have in common? They were Katrina’s initial inspiration to pursue a career in nursing! Katrina shared with us that George Clooney in ER was one of the first voices that influenced her to become a clinician.

When speaking of the voices that support her each day now, Katrina expressed that “each and every day the amazing nurses from the National Clinical Team at Regis inspire me. Pushing me to learn new things and improve my practice. I am truly honoured to be a part of such an incredible team of nurses.”

Each day Katrina spends inside our Homes, she told us that she “enjoys meeting new residents and learning who they are; listening to their individual stories, lessons and pearls of wisdom.”
For Katrina, the most rewarding element of being a nurse is being surrounded by those who want to share their life stories with her. She said “it is such a privilege to be trusted with their precious memories; I value each and every one. When my work results in a person sharing a smile with me, whether that is another nurse, resident or family member, then I know I am doing my job well.”

Katrina asserted that nursing is in a person’s blood. It’s across all areas of your life and is a part of who you are. This is one of the reasons why Katrina is proud to be a nurse. She acknowledged that it’s rewarding to share her knowledge to help future generations of nurses develop and grow. She went further and told us that “I am proud to be a nurse in aged care and proud of the wide range of roles that nurses work in across the country, improving healthcare for all Australians.”

“In my role, I feel that supporting other nurses to improve their practice and the care they provide to our residents is inspiring me. Knowing I can share my passion for nursing and learning with others and hopefully pass on my love of aged care nursing to those who will come after me.”

We thank Katrina and all the nurses at Regis for the incredible support they provide to our residents and their families every day.