Providing an enriching, meaningful lifestyle which incorporates social interaction, the opportunity for new friendships, mental stimulation, physical activity and shared experiences is a priority for the team at Regis Aged Care.

We are is deeply committed to offering residents a diverse range of leisure and lifestyle activities which contribute to emotional, cognitive and physical wellbeing – all of which are known to be essential for healthy ageing.

And Regis’s focus on listening and taking on board resident and family feedback is also integral to continuous improvements to the lifestyle program.

Indeed, Regis has a number of new projects that are being trialed in collaboration with residents, families and employees at individual Homes, to ensure that emotional and social support is not just embraced – it’s championed by all. They include:

  • HUG™ – a sensory product that is designed to be cuddled. It has long weighted limbs to give users a hug, as well as a beating heart and an audio device that can play music from a playlist.
  • Interactive projectors, VR products and power-assisted wheelchair bikes which have been specifically designed for people with disabilities and their families.
  • Implementing the Montessori Model of Care volunteer program and ‘Interhome’ community connections programs, both of which involve multiple home get-togethers to share moments and outings as a community, and build new friendships and shared experiences.

“Aged care can sometimes be scary for residents, families or caregivers,” explains Sally Smith, National Manager Lifestyle and Volunteer programs at Regis.

“When I took on the position of National Lifestyle Manager, my focus was to make enhancements to Regis’s lifestyle program, in close collaboration with our residents and their families,” she explains.

“I felt it was important to celebrate life and support meaningful engagement, and also improve resident’s experiences through activities, hobbies and social and emotional connection.

“I also wanted to recognise opportunities for improvements to engage residents in decision-making, so they felt empowered, and to gain their input into our direction and vision for 2024 and beyond.”

As a team, Regis is also continuing to seek ideas and suggestions for improvements throughout its wider community, with the overriding attitude that nothing is too small, if it can make a difference.

“Emotional and social wellbeing is such an important part of our purpose and identity, and we want to see people in our communities thrive,” adds Sally. “Every day, our mission is to ensure that the residents who live in our homes and communities have the best experience possible, and that our employees feel valued for the great work they do.

“We have a fantastic lifestyle support team with a wealth of knowledge and passion, and we also have an incredible workforce that genuinely cares, is creative, and dedicated to resident outcomes.”