“It bought back memories of when I lived in a very rural farming community growing up.”

These are the words of Jean Marr (Regis Sunraysia) having returned from a memorable excursion to the Red Cliffs Historical Steam Railway.

Twenty-three residents from Regis Ontario and Regis Sunraysia in Mildura ventured out into the local community to board the stunning steam locomotive that once hauled coal and briquettes from the Red Cliffs railway siding to the pumping station on the Murray River.

“The most enjoyable part of the day for me was watching the movement of the train and seeing how they turned the train around on the turntable. I was also very lucky to have my daughter, Sue, join us,” shared Jean.

The majority of the residents hadn’t been on the train before and for some it was their very first time being on a train! Our team were delighted and honoured to be part of such a special occasion.

This joint excursion came to fruition after it was identified that one of our residents, Graeme, had an ambition to visit and ride this historic train. Having had a large-scale model railway set up in his shed during his adult life, he was thrilled to have his goal turn into reality.

“I’m really happy that I was able to achieve my goal and share the experience with our other residents,” shared Graeme.

For Trudy Kowski, “it bought back memories of travelling by train in my home country of Germany. There were only trains then and buses didn’t come till later as a means of travel.” Trudy said the most enjoyable part of the day for her was seeing all the laughter and joy that the residents experienced as a group and she loved seeing such a big group come together.