Mealtimes at Regis are an important part of our resident’s day and it’s essential that we provide choice and freshness to our menu.

We’re excited to have launched our new Summer Menu that gives our residents variety, nutrition, freshness and flavour. Included in our menu are delicious dishes such as a slow-cooked lamb slider with coleslaw and sweet potato fries, and a parmesan-crusted chicken salad. For something sweet, our new pineapple and coconut trifle or key lime pie with whipped cream is a new favourite in our Homes.

Our teams carefully select seasonal, well-sourced produce when designing our menus and residents play a large part in the process. All our recipes are always evolving and are rigorously tested by our chefs and residents before we introduce any new dishes. We understand that variety and choice are important and that’s why we review and monitor resident feedback so that we can offer bespoke menus designed around what our residents enjoy.

A nutritious diet is vital in supporting both our physical health as well as emotional wellbeing. Good food nourishes the body, brings people together, and provides enjoyment in everyday life.

aged care food

Regis is extremely dedicated to continually seeking opportunities to improve service levels for our residents. Over recent months the National Catering team has developed tools to enhance the presentation of our smooth puree textured meals.

We ‘eat with our eyes’ and it is essential that we provide our residents who require pureed meals the same level of satisfaction. An improved presentation also aims to encourage increased appetite and optimise resident respect and dignity.

Our philosophy is to present smooth pureed meals as close as possible to their natural shapes with the use of moulds. The meals will continue to be home-made, and the flavour profile will mirror that of a regular meal, however, the preparation process is altered to be able to create the new meal presentation standards.

aged care food mould

aged care food mould