Every year in recognition of Aged Care Employee Day, we take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of aged care workers who selflessly devote themselves to caring for the elderly in our communities. This special day is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on employees such as Amber Millard, whose commitment and passion have made a remarkable impact at Regis.

Since joining Regis in October 2014, Amber has embraced various roles throughout her journey. She started as a Lifestyle Coordinator, overseeing activities and programs that enrich the lives of residents. Recognising her exceptional skills and dedication, she was later appointed as a member of the National Lifestyle PIEC&S advisory group, allowing her to contribute to broader initiatives that benefit the elderly at a national level.

Amber said one of the things that attracted her to aged care was being able to hear the shared experiences of residents.

“I think the generations of people who come into care have seen so much in their lifetime, so many changes and so many experiences to share,” she said. “Their generation has provided us with so many things we take for granted today that we owe them the dignity and respect of being cared for by genuine people who care and value them.”

A typical day in Amber’s role begins with checking on each resident and inviting them to participate in the day’s activities during breakfast. She then attends the morning Frontline meeting to begin preparations.

Throughout the day, Amber and her team of dedicated lifestyle assistants work to create personalised activities that cater to the unique interests and passions of residents. These activities not only provide joy and entertainment but also enable the residents to express their individuality and connect with others in the community.

“I love that I get to create individual and group activities that make our residents feel important and enable them to express their individuality and passions

“I love that I work in a team that’s passionate, creative and fun and for an organisation that makes me feel respected and valued.”

Working with the elderly is an enriching experience for Amber. She values the opportunity to learn from the residents, hear their stories, and be inspired by their life experiences.

Amanda has a tip for those aspiring to pursue a career in aged care: “Come to work with an open mind and an open heart. Be ready for anything as no two days are the same but that’s what makes it so rewarding.”

Outside of her fulfilling work at Regis, Amber’s life revolves around her family. She cherishes spending time with her four children, embarking on adventures, and creating memories together.

As we continue to celebrate Aged Care Employee Day, let us take a moment to honour the remarkable contributions of individuals like Amber Millard. Their dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to caring for the elderly exemplify the true spirit of aged care.