Cathy Noel joined Regis two years ago as the Village Concierge of Regis Corinthian Court Retirement Village in Townsville.

Cathy was attracted to work in the retirement living sector as she enjoys the many aspects of the role – maintenance repairs, refurbishment and selling of the properties. The retirement living team of Regis is like a big family, with twenty employees who are all part of a great team.

“We may be spread across Australia far and wide but we know we are only a phone call or email away from advice, support and help from our peers,” said Cathy.

At Corinthian Court Retirement Village, Cathy’s responsibilities are very diverse and she says one day is never like the next day. As a Village Concierge she has many aspects to her job. Amongst others, she could be taking potential residents for tours of the Village, organising repair works to be done on the villas or apartments, and collating quotes for refurbishments to the properties. She puts her planning expertise in place when moving new residents in and existing residents out, organising social functions and attending the Residents Committee meetings. She would also assist to organise holiday apartments for families who may be visiting their relatives and checking on the wellbeing of the residents.

Cathy loves being here with the residents and making positive changes to the Village. “I work closely with the Residents Committee to ensure all residents have a voice — we have many different personalities here at Corinthian Court Retirement Village. I have many laughs with our residents at functions or while I am out walking around the Village. I get to know them and most of the times their families as well” replied Cathy.

The residents also take an interest in her family so most of the time it she does not feel like it is part of a ‘job’. “It is very special to be welcomed into their homes,” said Cathy.

When asked what it was about working with the elderly that she enjoys, she said they are lucky at Corinthian Court that they have such a diverse range of residents from all different backgrounds. They are happy to share their stories with her of where they have come from and what they have done in their lives.

For those who want to start a career in retirement living or aged care, Cathy advised that one needs to have empathy, time and patience. “We live in such a busy world that everything is going at a million miles an hour. Our residents don’t live in that world. You need to slow down and give them the time they deserve,” explained Cathy. She added, “Some of our residents have no family locally or are no longer able to drive so we are the only face they see for days. A simple smile and a conversation with them can brighten their day.”

Cathy is privileged to be part of the latter years of our residents’ lives and this is the greatest motivation for her working in Regis. “Once they have moved to either the Retirement Village or Aged Care they are trusting their final years to us to take care of them,’ replied Cathy. It is our responsibility at Regis to ensure that the residents are well looked after by having good, safe accommodation to live in as well as both their physical and mental wellbeing looked after.

Outside of work, Cathy enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoyed renovating her home and building her garden. “I have a son who plays a lot of hockey so I am always playing ‘taxi driver’ by taking him to training and games,” quipped Cathy.

When asked what home means to her, she explained, “Home is where you are safe, where you relax, where you breathe. It is where my husband, son and I are together.”